About Me

Hey, I’m Tara.

I am a 17 year old A level photography student. My aim for this blog is to express my photographic journey over the next few years, expressing myself, my dreams and passions through the media of photography.

In the daily struggles of life it’s sometimes hard to be grateful for what we have. Through my Photography 52 project I aim to bring gratefulness to the front of my life, learning to live my chaotic life as positively as I can. ❤

I’m currently studying History, English Literature and Archaeology as well as Photography. I love being creative and expressing my feelings, opinions and faith through words and photographs which was a big part as to why I decided to start blogging.

***I use a Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR camera***

“Photography is a love affair with life.” -Burk Uzzle

5 thoughts on “About Me

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  1. Good start 🙂 what camera and lens do you use?

    Liking the archaeology side, did that when i was younger, went on a few digs and found some interesting stuff 🙂

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