Hello everyone!!

Welcome back to the #adventchallenge (Day 2!!)

Today as I carry on through this advent period I am reminded about the key concept of Christmas. Supermarkets produce adverts all around the family coming home to eat together, shops put family board games and films on display. Christmas, for so many people, is the one time of year that their family all meets up. Some people love it, others not so much… but this seems to be a core Christmas value and tradition shared all over our country.

However, this is exactly what Christmas is and always should be about. Christmas Day we remember Jesus’ birth, him being born into a imperfect human family. His birth symbolises the coming together of people, the Christian family and all the values that come with it. He teaches us to love eachother, to be kind and look out for those in need. We are all one big family, and nobody should be left out. Christmas often symbolises what many of us forget in our day-to-day lives.

Share what you can, do what you can, care for whoever you can. Treat everyone as family. If we all treated eachother as family then we would have much less hatred and suffering in this world.

-Tara x

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