It’s day 4 all ready!! Today’s theme is ‘heart’.

Today I have chosen to leave you with a quote from one of my favourite novels that I used to read every Christmas. It is called ‘Treasures in the Snow’ by Patricia St John. Definitely worth a read…! Xxx

 “Grandmother, what does it mean when it says that Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts [Revelation 3:20]?”

“It means,” said Grandmother, laying down her knitting, and giving Annette her whole attention, “that the Saviour sees that your life is full of wrong things and dark thoughts. He came down and was crucified so that He might bear the punishment of those wrong deeds and those dark thoughts instead of you. Then He arose so that He could come into your life and live in you, and turn out all wrong thoughts, and think His good, loving thoughts in you instead. It is like a man knocking at the door of a dirty, dark, dusty house and saying, ‘If you will let me in I will clear away the dust and the darkness and make it beautiful and bright.’ But remember, He never pushes in—He only asks if He may come in. That is what knocking means. You have to say, ‘Yes, Lord Jesus, I need You and want You to come and live in me’—that is what opening the door means.”

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