Okay guys, the Christmas tree is officially up!! I’m sooooooo excited for the festivities to start, the mince pies to come out and the Christmas films to be put on!!!

Also, check out my latest photography project….the ADVENT CHALLENGE



Hey guys!

So this week y’all get a photo of me smiling and being 100% spontaneous (of course!!)

These last two months have been full of ups and downs. Some days have been incredibly stressful and hard to manage, yet throughout it all I’ve had lots of laughs, great days/ nights out and the great comfort of friendship from many of the gorgeous people I know both here in Norfolk (the countryside :0) and back in Bristol (definitely not the countryside!!)

I’m incredibly grateful for all you incredible people. x


Look at the beautiful autumnal leaves. Took this when I was walking up the mahooooosive hill to school on Friday. The colours definitely made me smile and reflect on what a beautiful world we live in.


Loved and were loved,

And now we lie

In Flanders Fields

Grateful does not even cover how I feel today x


Currently in Bristol they have this big idea/ craze going around. People are decorating rocks, painting, drawing or writing on them, and n the reverse writing their names. They hide their rocks and the idea is, is that if anyone finds the rock they snap a photo, post it on the facebook page and then either re-hide it or keep it.

Now my family and I moved out of Bristol a year and a half ago, and return regularly to see our wonderful city and friends. My sister found this rock outside our Church whilst we were visiting, and it was on a day I was feeling particularly low about the thought of having to leave Bristol again. Our lovely Church friends explained the whole concept of #bristolrocks and it made me fall in love with this beautiful city all over again. So thank you so much to whoever painted this beautiful, sparkly rock. We admired it, re-hid it for someone else to discover and carried on our day with a smile on our faces.



Went to see Kate Rusby in concert with my Mum, lil sis, family friend and one of my best friends the other day. This is yet again another birthday present of mine (wasn’t I lucky!!!) and what made it 100x better was that my lovely lovely friend Eleanor travelled all the way up from Bristol just to come to the concert with me. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have such amazing friends….!!


This past week was the GirlGuiding ‘Big Gig’ at Wembley. I had such a great time, hanging out with my girls, jamming out to some tbs by Pixie Lott herself (!!!!) and just having a fab day really. I am so grateful for my Senior Section girls, and the great times we share together, the adventures we’ve been on and the great times ahead of us xxx


Now today’s thankfulness filled post is a throwback to last month. I can’t believe that I somehow forgot to post about this…! For my 18th birthday my fabulous auntie took me to see Miranda Hart in Annie in the west end show in London!!! It was absolutely amazing, and we had such a good day shopping, eating out at one of my absolute fave restaurants (wagamamas of course!!!) and seeing the show. Now it was an early present which is why I didn’t mention it in last weeks post, but I must have been too busy having fun to have posted it. I am so incredibly grateful to my Auntie, Uncle and cousin for this spectacular present, I had such a great day xxx



Um yeah, so that happened this week :0 I’m now an actual adult which is quite scary as I really do not feel like one at all!!

Anyway, I am so eternally and endlessly grateful to all those who have made the last few days so special, to my fabulous parents for making me this amazing Harry Potter themed cake, to my awesome friends for hanging out with me and just being great and to my lovely family. I love you all so much xx


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